EasySportBetting http://easysportbetting.info .info Wed, 29 Jul 2015 01:26:43 +0000 en-US hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=3.7.22 2015 Premier League Set To Kick Off! http://easysportbetting.info/2015-premier-league-set-to-kick-off/ http://easysportbetting.info/2015-premier-league-set-to-kick-off/#comments Wed, 29 Jul 2015 01:26:43 +0000 http://easysportbetting.info/?p=166 The Barclays Premier League season starts next weekend with Manchester United’s clash against Tottenham at 1245 BST on Saturday August 8 the opening game of the new top-flight campaign.

Sky Bet have priced up a mountain of  to give you the best chance to find some value ahead of the big kick-off.

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2014-2015 Golden Boot Odds http://easysportbetting.info/2014-2015-golden-boot-odds/ http://easysportbetting.info/2014-2015-golden-boot-odds/#comments Thu, 07 Aug 2014 01:51:41 +0000 http://easysportbetting.info/?p=163 Robin van Persie 9-2 Alexis Sanchez 14-1 Sergio Aguero 11-2 Edin Dzeko 14-1 Daniel Sturridge 11-2 Romelu Lukaku 16-1 Diego Costa 7-1 Olivier Giroud 20-1 Wayne Rooney 11-1 Yaya Toure 20-1 ]]> http://easysportbetting.info/2014-2015-golden-boot-odds/feed/ 0 Germany vs Argentina http://easysportbetting.info/germany-vs-argentina/ http://easysportbetting.info/germany-vs-argentina/#comments Thu, 10 Jul 2014 22:45:16 +0000 http://easysportbetting.info/?p=157 We’ve got one name for you … Germany. The Germans shocked Brazil earlier this week but one things for sure is that noone will be shocked if Germany lift the World Cup trophy on Sunday! Get your bets placed now, we’re seeing some amazing offers right now across our partner bookmakers.

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18 Bet … Great For The World Cup Final! http://easysportbetting.info/18-bet-great-for-the-wold-cup-final/ http://easysportbetting.info/18-bet-great-for-the-wold-cup-final/#comments Thu, 10 Jul 2014 22:42:35 +0000 http://easysportbetting.info/?p=153 If you’re looking for a new bookmaker to get a free bonus for the World Cup Final on Sunday then you might want to Click Here, to access our latest bookmaker partner, 18Bet!

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Titan Bet! http://easysportbetting.info/titan-bet/ http://easysportbetting.info/titan-bet/#comments Mon, 07 Jul 2014 22:40:06 +0000 http://easysportbetting.info/?p=150 We are proud to present to you our latest bookmaker partnership, this time with Titan Bet. They have a great promotional offer right now, offering customers a free 25 Euro bet. Personally, we would stick it all on Germany to win on Sunday!

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World Cup Quarter Finals – Easy Prediction http://easysportbetting.info/world-cup-quarter-finals-easy-prediction/ http://easysportbetting.info/world-cup-quarter-finals-easy-prediction/#comments Fri, 04 Jul 2014 22:27:33 +0000 http://easysportbetting.info/?p=147 Brazil, Germany, Holland and Argentina. There, we said it. Now go bet on them all! :-) We have great deals available with our partner bookmakers!

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BetRally – Our Latest Bookmaker http://easysportbetting.info/betrally-our-latest-bookmaker/ http://easysportbetting.info/betrally-our-latest-bookmaker/#comments Mon, 30 Jun 2014 21:12:08 +0000 http://easysportbetting.info/?p=144 We hope you are enjoying the World Cup so far! Hopefully the bets you have been placing are giving you fantastic returns too! Here at EasySportBetting we strive to give you the best bonus offers out there. We’ve done it again here with our latest bookmaker BetRally. They are offering a whopping £100 welcome bonus! Click Here to get started!

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World Cup Top Scorer Statistics http://easysportbetting.info/world-cup-top-scorer-statistics/ http://easysportbetting.info/world-cup-top-scorer-statistics/#comments Fri, 06 Jun 2014 11:12:45 +0000 http://easysportbetting.info/?p=141
  • In 7/16 World Cups where there has been one winner, the Golden Boot’s nation played in the final.
  • In 2/3 most recent World Cups a top scorer played in the final.
  • 10/13 most recent winners/joint winners reached the semi finals or played for the hosts.
  • Semi finalists play a total of 7 matches regardless of the semi final result.
  • Team who don’t reach the semi final can play a maximum of only 5 matches.
  • ]]>
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    World Cup Golden Boot Odds http://easysportbetting.info/world-cup-golden-boot-odds/ http://easysportbetting.info/world-cup-golden-boot-odds/#comments Tue, 03 Jun 2014 11:12:18 +0000 http://easysportbetting.info/?p=139 Brazil and Argentina seem to have the easiest groups and best chance of reaching the final so one of these teams should produce the top scorer. Neymar was outscored in Confederations Cup by team mate Fred who looks better value than Neymar at the odds.

    Meanwhile both Lionel Messi and Gonzalo Higuain make plenty of appeal for Argentina at the 2014 World Cup. Higuain’s central striking role and his goal returns both in qualifying and the last World Cup make him the best bet. Higuain scored every 95.4 minutes in qualifying whilst Messi only managed a goal every 114.3 minutes. At the 2010 World Cup Higuain scored 4 goals (one short of the Golden Boot) whilst Messi failed to score at all.

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    Latest World Cup Odds http://easysportbetting.info/latest-world-cup-odds/ http://easysportbetting.info/latest-world-cup-odds/#comments Sun, 01 Jun 2014 11:09:40 +0000 http://easysportbetting.info/?p=135 The stats are very strong for World Cup winners and we should be looking at teams playing in their own continent (preferably the host nation) that are well fancied by the bookies and have won a World Cup before. If only looking at South American teams that narrows the field to just Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Chile and Ecuador. Those teams are listed in odds order.

    The teams to have previously won World Cups are Brazil (5), Italy (4), Germany (3), Argentina (2), Uruguay (2), France (1), England (1) and Spain (1). If narrowing those down to teams that are 7/1 or lower this year you’d only be looking at Brazil, Argentina, Germany and Spain.

    The stand out picks here are Brazil and Argentina who meet the key stats with preference for Brazil as they are the host nation and generally have a better record at recent World Cups than Argentina.

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