Basketball Jumping Drills to Improve Your Vertical Leap

Many athletes dream to increase their vertical jump especially for basketball players who would like to be able to dunk.

The height of our vertical jump involves our explosion and overall leg strength. By having a strong core strength, is also an important factor to our vertical leap. As such, you need to condition your core muscles as well. These are some exercises that you can do at home or gym to improve your vertical leap.


Having flexibility is important to jump high. You need to do stretching daily which will improve and strengthen your muscles to give your body to gain flexibility. It is recommended to stretch before and after workout.

Keep Jumping:

You can use a jumping rope which is an amazing exercise to train your vertical jump. The movement of the jumping rope will also help to improve your jumping explosion. At the same time, it help to pump your heart and train your cardio together. You can put on a pair of ankle weights to your routine but do remember to be cautious in order to avoid injury.

Doing Squats:

Squats are a good exercise to build core and leg strength. Remember to do a proper squat by keeping your back straight and your hips back while squatting down. Another advice is your knees should not be bending forward to avoid having pain on the knee. To increase explosiveness, get up fast after you squat down. By doing so, it will also help to train your calf muscles. Try to do between 6-8 reps.

Doing Calf Raises:

Jumping high involve mainly in explosion. By doing calf raises, it will improve your vertical jump explosiveness. The idea of this exercise is simple, first place your feet on a platform and raise your legs using the balls of your feet. The most important thing to remember that is you are not trying to build muscle but is to build the explosion.

You can add some weight on your workout if you are at the gym by placing them on your knees. It is advisable to use less weight and maximize the reps.

These are some of the exercises that can help to improve your jumping. There are also program or workshop teaching you how to jump higher within a few weeks. You can look at such programs or workouts and invest in them if you are serious in improving your basketball jumping skills.

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How to Choose the Bike Rear Lights

As we can see, bike lighting makes the bike not just a means of transportation, but also a significant part of the image in the dark. Except for the aesthetic function, bright bikes are easier to be seen at night, which means more safety for bicycles and bicycle owners. Whatever it was, a complete set of bike lighting devices cannot do without a powerful rear light, because this lighting system makes it possible to focus the attention of the traffic on the secure area around the bike. So, how to choose a rear light for your bike?

How to Choose the Bike Rear Lights

Typically, lights for bicycles should have weatherproof housing. And other important performance indicators are as follows.

Firstly, the light source had better be LED lighting. The rear lights with LEDs are more reliable and able to work for a longer time than, for example, halogen lights. They also have the ability to reproduce a moderate or strong light. Moreover, LED lights are at low power.

Secondly, lumens, the determining unit of luminous flux, is another thing we should take into account as well as. It characterizes the intensity of light and measures it at the same distance from the object.

Finally, it would be a very good option if there are multiple modes. This will greatly save battery power to continue the work without recharging.


If you are badly in need of this, I would recommend you the 3-in-1 bicycle wireless rear light. It is a smart device with intelligent sound and anti-theft alarm. In addition, with IPX5 waterproof housing, COB light source, and 800mAh lithium battery, it gets a long lifetime and supports longtime continuously working. And it has 3 modes for adjustment, which is really energy-saving and provides more convenience for users. Moreover, this novelty supports remote control and USB charging. This undoubtedly provides more convenience in finding your own one among the large quantities of bikes at the parking lot. And the USB charging makes it no need of battery replacement.


The rear light is an essential thing that helps to ensure the safety of cycling at night, especially in dense city traffic. Powerful rear lights will help to feel comfortable at all intercity roads. To install bicycle lights, you may need simple mounting, soldering skills, patience, and the necessary tools. With these, you may not feel difficult during the whole installation.

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Proper Cleaning And Maintenance Care Tips For Your Fishing Accessories

Like any other type of equipment, fishing boat accessories also need to be properly maintained if they are to last a long time. Proper cleaning after use is very essential. Apart from that you should also engage in routine cleaning to make sure these items are properly maintained even when not in use. You may be a frequent sailor who enjoys fishing or someone who engages in such activities only during the season, taking care of your boat, accessories such as fishing rod holders and upholstery is crucial to make sure your vessel will be suitable for use the next time you need it.

Caring For Boat Upholstery

Marine upholstery is an area prone to high wear and tear. Also any signs of deterioration can be seen much more clearly in these areas. As it is an area of high usage, you must take necessary steps to maintain the upholstery properly. Repair and replacement of boat upholstery is known to be an expensive and time consuming task as well. Therefore engaging in regular cleaning and routine maintenance will provide a host of benefits which you as a boat owner would benefit from greatly.

It is recommended that one or two deep cleaning sessions are carried out covering all of the upholstery found on the boat. Surface wipe downs can be used as a technique to clean off any surface dirt which could accumulate during usage. In addition, there are certain protective mechanisms and treatments you could use to extend the life of the upholstery. The following are some of the basic cleaning tips you can employ.

Scrub down vinyl to remove mildew
Consider professional vinyl repair for small damages before they spread
Apply UV protectant and antimicrobial coatings for added protection

Caring For Other Fishing Accessories

You would be using a wide range of accessories on your boat on a regular basis. These too require a certain degree of maintenance in order to protect your investments and to be able to get proper use out of them. Properly maintained fishing gear will also have an impact by saving fishing time and reduce the likeliness of lost fish. You should always follow manufacturer specifications when caring for fishing gear. In general some maintenance tips include proper lubrication of gears of a reel. Rods should also be protected during transport and when not in use by properly storing them in fishing rod holders.

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The Benefits of Portable Backstops for Baseball Teams

As a team owner or recreational facility, time and money are your biggest concerns – well that, and a great record for the season. You may have looked at every angle for ways to save on time and money for your baseball season, but have you considered the saving potential that comes from portable backstops for baseball teams? The use of this field accessory is a growing trend in youth and collegiate level baseball and for good reason: it helps you save big!

What About the Cost Upfront?

Yes, it is true that a portable backstop will cost you an upfront investment, but that is the point: it is an investment. As with all investments, it is about the return and long-term savings, not the initial cost. Backstops, especially the ones you can move around, yield higher savings than fixed units.

Here are some ways a portable backstop can help you save:

  1. Balls stay in play and on the field. Regardless of where your team practices, you need a way to catch the balls and keep them in play (or at least on the field). Portable units do just that. Without this barrier, foul balls could easily go over the backstop and be lost. Your expensive balls are also damaged by striking concrete or asphalt at fast speeds. With these units, regardless of where you practice, all balls stay in play.
  2. Players stay at practice. While it might not seem like a big deal, players having to run out and chase balls takes up a chunk of practice time, and that time could be spent working on things to make the players better at their game. With a portable backstop, you turn any grassy area into a batting practice area and players can stick to the game instead of chasing foul balls!
  3. Versatility. Permanent backstops offer limited to no versatility. However, with a portable unit, you can use it for team practice, schools, and sports complexes.

How to Pick the Right Portable Backstop for Your Baseball Team

The type of backstop you need will depend on the baseball team, where you practice and what you need it for. The good news is, however, these barriers can quickly be folded up, stored and taken to your next location. A few things to look for when you are purchasing portable backstops include:

  • Tires -These Backstops are heavy, so it is very important to have high quality pneumatic tires to help make it easier to adjust and relocate the backstop.
  • Netting – You need a high quality fiber for your netting. Cheap netting will often wear down with regular use, and also with the exposure to UV rays, wind and rain; making your investment a short-lived one that needs to be frequently replaced.
  • Quality Frames – Stick to frames that are rust-resistant, durable and often made from steel rather than plastic. These are more likely to withstand the elements, and also less likely to dent when struck by fast pitched balls or fouls.

Whether you want to improve a little league team’s practice or you need to make your school’s field more versatile, consider investing in a portable backstop for your team practices. You will find that your unit pays for itself quickly and your team’s efficiency and practice times improve dramatically.

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Top 5 Inflatable Water Games To Have A Fun On A River

As you might know, inflatable water games have been around for years on the market, and these games are mainly intended for the swimming pools. They are suitable for both kids and adults. However, not everyone can play with these games in the pools, as he may not have a personal swimming pool in his yard or it is prohibited to use such games in a certain city public pool.

Luckily, there are rivers all around us. So, you can use inflatable water toys on these water areas. Why not? You will not be prohibited by anybody, and the rivers are spacious, so a large number of people can enjoy playing with these items at the same place. Make sure to use a quiet part of the river because you cannot fix these toys to the water surface like on the land.

In the following text, you can read about the following five inflatable water toys for the rivers: the walking water ball, inflatable water slide, flying fish boat, large air tube, and the inflatable water polo field.

Walking water ball

Have you ever seen an inflatable water walking ball? Many people find that it is very amusing to play with such a ball on the river. These balls are made of transparent inflatable materials and there is a special zipper in their construction that allows entering the ball. How to use this ball? As you may assume, you should open the zipper, get into the ball, close the zipper, and someone else (who is out of the ball) needs to inflate it by using an appropriate blower – a kind of electric pump. When you are moving inside the ball, it rotates around its axis, and you will “walk” on the water surface. A bit of training is necessary for this action!

Inflatable water slide

There is a wide range of inflatable slides on the market, and some of them are designed for the water areas while the others are intended for the land. When it comes to the river water slides, the inflatable slides are the best option. What’s more, some of these slides come with polls in their composition.

Flying fish boat

If you have seen a flying fish, you will notice the great similarity between this inflatable boat and the aforementioned fish. Powered by a motorboat, this boat can fly over the river like the real flying fish. It is an amazing experience!

Large air tube

For this large tube, you will need to find rapids on the river. It is designed for up to seven persons to sit on it and to enjoy sailing on the river. If you don’t like the adrenaline activities, you can use it on calm water areas as well.

Inflatable water polo field

This is the best water game for those who like playing water polo. An inflatable water polo field consists of a few air tubes that serve as the frame of the goal and the border of the field. You just need to inflate it and put it on the river.

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